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CE Marking Introduction

The CE marking is basically an indicator or the Stamp which provides all the information about the compliance with the directive of EU which means European Union regarding health and safety of the user as well as the protection of the environment. In general, the letters 'CE' on a product is the manufacturer's claim that the product meets all the requirements of all relevant EU (European Directives). If a product complies the CE marking on it, then it directly means that the product is safe for the users and contains no harmful components or material inside the product.

CE Marking in Chennai

The CE Mark is a requirement for all types of products and not a voluntary process. CDG has helped lots of manufacturers to meet the CE Certification requirements. We work together with your company at any stage of the CE Marking process and we provide you with all the help that you need. Our experts will determine and give you the application of EN Standards and EU Directives for your Product and we will help you to make sure your CE Mark is valid and legal.

CE Mark certification in Chennai:

According to the European Union, our certification services will provide you and your customers the assurance of a thorough and successful certification process. At CDG, our certification services comply with all these:

- Indicates to the Governments that this product can be legally sold within the European Union (EU)
- Ensures that this product should move freely throughout the European Single Market
- Indicates to the customers that this product meets the designated minimum safety standards and therefore a minimum level of quality
- Ensures that promotes public health and safety
- Also, indicate to Enhances product credibility
- Indicates that, it Leads to improved sales and greater customer satisfaction.

CDG offers various CE Marking services which provide you with the following benefits:

  • Advice on the CE-marking process
  • CE Mark services provided nationwide
  • Conformity assessment
  • Verification of design
  • Type approval
  • System audit and approval
  • File and document assessment
  • Technical files
  • User manual and instruction card assessment
  • Identification of interpretation issues

  • Issuing your EC declaration of conformity
  • All types of necessary electrical and EMC testing provided on-site at your facility
  • Production supervision and sample testing
  • CE audits and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing
  • Workshops and training
  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Issuing your certificate of verification
  • Provide you the detailed examination and test reports with all types of technical solutions to each non-conformity
  • Working with the most knowledgeable and an experienced CE Mark compliance experts in the industry.

  • So if you want or need the CE Mark Certification for your Company then Contact us.