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CE Marking is a symbol shown as CE that literarily means “European Conformity.” initially, it was known as EC Mark, but it was replaced by CE Marling in the 1993 Directive/93/68/EEC. And CE was used thereafter in all EU official documents.

The symbol is attached to a product to demonstrate that it conforms to EU safety, health and environmental requirements. The mark appears on many products that are being traded on a single market in the European Economic Area (EEA).


A manufacturer can place the CE Mark on a product to declare that such product conforms in all aspects with the legal requirements of achieving it. Thus, the producer is guaranteeing that the product is legalized to be sold in all EEA. Also, this applies to all product that is produced in non EEA but is exported to be sold in the EEA. However, it is pertinent to note that CE Marking does not imply that the product was made in the EEA. But it means that the product has undergone due evaluation and deemed fit to be sold there. All products sold in the EEA does not necessarily need to have the CE Marking but only those specific products belonging to the categories on which directives were given for manufacturers to label such products with the CE Mark.

With such directives and clear specifications, how can you go about with the CE Marking process? First of all, as a manufacturer who wants to sell his products in the EEA without restrictions, you have to ensure you entrust it all to a reliable company that provides CE Marking services. That is where we come in.


CDG is in the business of rendering CE Marking services to businesses across the globe. We will help you get your ticket to the EEA marketplace. To do this, we will help you to establish which EU New Approach Directives apply to your product. You must not attach a CE marking to a product outside the scope of the directives. The process you follow depends on the directives that apply to your product. Other steps include:

 Identify the standards and directives applicable to the product.
 Check the specific requirements concerning the product.
 Identify whether an independent conformity assessment is required from a Notified Body.
 Check the conformity of the product through testing.
 Draw up and keep available the required technical documentation.
 Place the CE marking on your product and EC Declaration of Conformity.
 Professional advice where necessary.

CDG has helped countless manufacturers across the globe to understand and meet the requirements of relevant New Approach Directives for CE Marking. Put our advisory, testing, and CE certification services to work for you and allow us to guide you through every step of the CE Marking process. You will enjoy a hassle-free certification process as you get your ticket to the EEA market, where there won't be undue restrictions on your products. Thereby allowing you to compete favorably with other producers. We provide CE Marking in Chennai Tamilnadu and nearby area.